Steel Fabrication Products & Services


Mezzanine Floors & Pallet Gates

John Norton Fabrications Ltd design, build and install a wide range of quality mezzanine floors and support steelwork for industrial, commercial or domestic buildings. We supply many types of mezzanine flooring in a variety of sizes for warehouses, factories, retail and offices to maximise productivity by increasing floor and storage space. Whether you require a single tier or multi tier our mezzanine floors fit seamlessly into any space. John Norton Fabrications Ltd have the creativity, experience and knowledge to deliver a suitable solution for your mezzanine floor requirements.


Cantilever Racking

John Norton Fabrication Ltd has a wealth of knowledge in the design and construction of all types of cantilever racking systems. We provide cantilever racks for all warehouse and factory environments providing a safe and organised storage solution. All cantilever racks are designed specifically to suit you requirements and manufactured in-house at our Sheffield based factory. All cantilever-racking systems are built in accordance with SEMA guidelines to comply with the latest British Standards for structural steel and are installed by our dedicated installation team.


Steel Staircases, Handrails and Balustrade

John Norton Fabrications design, manufacture and install many types of staircases, balustrades and handrails for a wide range of clients including commercial, retail and domestic. We provide many styles of bespoke steel stairs design using only the best quality materials to create a great focal point for your reception, shop, office or home. All our staircases, balustrades and handrails are individually designed and built to your requirements using a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass, glass, stone, granite, marble and wood.


Sheet Metal

We specialise in all types of sheet metal work. From start to finish including, design process, fabrication, and finally installation of the finished product if required. work is carried out fully in house from start to finish using such processes as our cnc plasma cutter and cnc turret punch,cnc pressbrakes or hydroform benders. right through to wet paint spraying in our new 10 x 5.5 meter spraybooth. also powdercoating, gavanising or even duo coat (gavlanising and powdercoat) is available.


Structural Steelwork

We specialise in all types of structural steel work for the construction industry. Our services cover all areas including the design process, the steel fabrication, and finally the erection or installation of the finished product. All structural steel work projects are fully managed and carried out in accordance with the latest industry and safety regulations, ensuring all deadlines are met and more importantly completed on budget. John Norton Fabrications have a wealth of experience and knowledge working with steel and metal providing services for the many buildings including Industrial warehouses, offices, shops, sports centres and schools.


Fire Escapes

John Norton Fabrications are specialists in the design, construction and installation of a wide range of bespoke steel fire escapes and fire escape structures. Our services also include any maintenance or repairs to existing steel fire escapes, fire escape platforms or ladders. We prove high quality fire safety routes for many sectors including warehouses, offices, apartments, hospitals, schools and sports centres. All projects are fully managed including the fire escape design and concepts, fire escape fabrication, fire escape installation and is manufactured to the highest quality and latest safety regulations.


Outdoor Smoking & Shelter Solutions

At John Norton Fabrications we provide a wide variety of weatherproof shelters and canopies. These include smoking shelters, bus stop shelters, bike sheds and bike shelters, door canopies and various types of covered walkways. All shelters are designed and built to the highest quality and can be manufactured in bulk or as a one off project. Shelters are designed to your specification and are built to fit in with the current surroundings or existing building. Smoking shelters can be fabricated with built-in cigarette ashtrays or bins as can bus shelters with seating areas. Whatever ideas you have, don't worry, we can fabricate it.


Onsite Fabrication

We provide an onsite steel and metal fabrication solution. This may include a new structural steelwork installation, maintenance or refurbishment of your existing metalwork. Our onsite services include all types of welding, drilling, cutting sawing, plating, repairs, fitting and installation on a wide range of products such as structural steelwork, Mezzanine Floors, Pallet Gates, Cantilever Racking, Steel Staircases, Handrails, Balustrade, Fire Escapes, Outdoor Smoking and Shelter Solutions. All employees at John Norton Fabrications have a wealth of experience working within all sectors including commercial, industrial, retail, private and have undergone extensive health and safety courses to ensure the most professional approach.


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