John Norton Fabrications - Fabrication Capacities


Main Shop 68 Meters Long x 12 Meters Wide


Twin 5 Tonne Cranes (10 ton max lift @3500mm length)

3 Tonne Forklift

135 Tonne x 3500mm CNC Pressbrake

2000mm x 6mm Hydroform Bender

3100mm x 6mm Guilotine CNC backguage

CNC Punch Press (turret press) 20 tonne x 1250mm x 2500mm (with one reposition)

CNC Plasma Profile Cutter 2000mm x 4000mm x 25mm (mild steel)

6 Off 50 Tonne Punching Machines

Ironworker 600mm x 15mm crop, 400mm x 20mm crop, 100 tonne punch

Large Mitre Bandsaw 600mm x 300mm

2 Off Radial Arm Drill 10 Meter Roller Bed

2 Off Pillar Drill

MIG Welding up to 500 amp

TIG Welding up to 500 amp

MMA Welding up to 500 amp

Spot Welding

5.5 Meter x 10 Meter Spraybooth


Products & Services

Mezzanine Floors
Cantilever Racking
Structural Steelwork
Steel Staircases
Handrails and Balustrade
Pallet Gates
Fire Escapes
Smoking Solutions
Onsite Fabrication
Bespoke Steel Fabrications

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